Axis Petrochem Pte Ltd

Axis Petrochem Pte Ltd, based in Singapore is a petrochemical distributor and marketer of lubricant raw materials with trade partners throughout Asia-Pacific; with decades of experience in the lubricants industry.

We provide complete, comprehensive and customised solutions for your business needs. From supply, sourcing, consulting, logistics, warehousing and licensing in one simple model.

The Axis Way

To serve Asian markets and beyond; to grow together with partners that delivers quality and sustainable products.


Developing long term partnerships, valuing mutual growth in synergy with our partners’ needs.


We tailor coherent solutions and services, catering for individuality while providing consistency of quality.


Sustaining principles in our engagement to ensure the highest level of continued performance.


Having clarity and honesty to provide satisfaction and fairness.

Premium Products
and Services

Axis Petrochem offers premium products and services to various industries; Automotive and Industial Lubricants, Metal Working Fluids, Textile, CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers) & Food.

Trade Countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, New Zealand.

      • Ketjenlube Polymeric Esters
      • Ketjenlube Conventional Ester
      • Dapralube Renewable Esters
      • Daphaphos Phosphorous Derivatives
      • Dapramid Friction Modifier
      • Rhodafac ASI White Metal Inhibitors
      • Dapral Emulsifiers - PIBSA
      • Dapraquest Sequestering
      • Packages
      • Corrosion Inhibitors
      • Emulsifiers
      • Lubricity Additives
      • Extreme Pressure Additives
      • Antifoams
      • Coupling Agents
      • Grease Packages
      • Sulfurized Extreme Pressure Additives
      • ZDDP
      • Industrial Oil Packages
      • Engine Coolant Additives
      • Industrial Coolant Additives
      • Tackifiers
      • Brake Fluid Additives
      • Anti-Foams (Food)
      • Viscosity Modifier
        • ATEX Compliance Fillers
        • Fillers of cans, jerrycans and pails, drums
        • Semi-automatic dosing systems
        • Automatic filling by volume
        • Palletizers
        • Automatic De-palletizers
        • Special Elevators
        • Other equipment for container handling: Transporters, turntables, forklifts, tumblers and drum furnaces
      • Full Packaging Lines
      • Automated Warehousing
    • Logistic
    • Technical & Formulation Management
    • Consulting

Our Partners

Our Partners whom we work very closely so as to give the best available products to our Customers.

Join Us

Sales Manager

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Sales Team

We continuously thrive ourselves to serves all our stakeholders better by providing the best solutions to our partners. Join us to have the opportunity to grow yourself with our Sales Team across the regions.

Support Team

Strong and dedicated Support Team are important to grow together here at our HQ. Join our Support Team to instil AXIS values in achieving our Vision.

Job / Internship

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Connect with Us

A50 Bukit Batok St.23,
Midview Building #04-06,
Singapore 659578
T+65 6252 2898
F+65 6491 5759

Italmatch Chemicals at a glance

Italmatch Chemicals S.p.A is a leading specialty chemical company in the high performance additives for special lubricant applications. Our most widely known tradename, Ketjenlube® refers to a range of polymeric esters that provides excellent lubricating performance as well as low viscosity base fluid compatibility, enhancing product stabilities and performance when considering for use in high performance applications.

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Polartech is one of the world’s major suppliers to the International metalworking fluid market, offering packages and components.

Elco at a glance

Elco began as an innovative producer of gear oils that solved the demanding hypoid gear lubrication challenge of the day. Today our product line includes sulfurized products (including light color, low odor), dithiophosphate chemicals, and other specialized lubricant packages to meet our customer’s formulating needs. Elco’s basic in sulfur and phosporous chemistry focuses on extreme pressure, wear protection, friction modifier and corrosion inhibition. Elco offers full performance packages and individual components for formulating flexibility. Our products serve the metalworking fluid, grease, hydraulic oil, slideway lubricant, gear oil, and tother industrial lubricant markets.

Teymasa at a glance

Teymasa designs and manufactures machinery to optimise the filling and palletizing processes of drums, jerrycans, pails and IBCs, with 40 years of experience in ATEX compliance machining.

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Advanced technologies and additive architecture mechanism allows Pertamina Viscosity Modifier to be highly efficient Viscosity Index Improver. It is recommended for use in engine oil for its excellent shear stability.

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ADDAPT Chemicals BV is an independent chemical company located in the Netherlands and specialized in the development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly additives for a wide variety of mainly water based systems. In-depth knowledge of additives makes us a respected and reliable 'GLOCAL' supplier and enables us to offer you creative and often innovative solutions.